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Panna Knows provides recruitment and retention programs as well as leadership training services. We will bring the strategies and methodology that talent acquisition teams require to set themselves apart from their competition.

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Sunny White

Sunny White

Founder & CEO, Xavier Creative House

" When Kelly Robinson says Panna Knows, believe her. I recently used the “next level recruiting” service for both a senior and a junior opening. I was really pleased that regardless of level, the same high attention to detail and excellent response time was afforded both postings. Our shortlist of candidates was spot on and we moved through to final interview and offers swiftly. Kelly kept our team and the candidates on the same page from the application to the offer letter and through the onboarding processing. Panna really does Know how to present the highest quality hires while sparing the hiring representatives months of fruitless searching and interviews. The pre-screening process allowed us to put the right candidate to work promptly, so our business can flourish as we grow.

Sunny White "

Bill Tobia

Bill Tobia

Managing Director of Strategic Finance, LLR Partners

" I first hired Kelly and her team to provide recruiting services for our firm, Maxwell Systems, Inc. in 2012. Within a very short period of time, we realized Kelly and her team would become our in-house recruiting function, designing the process and strategy and executing on the recruiting. Kelly and her team were very responsive to our normal recruiting needs and more importantly to our surge requirements over time.  Our relationship continued until we sold the firm in 2014. 

Kelly was professional, courteous and very focused on our business needs. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone and in fact, have referred her work to more than 10 other firms.

Bill Tobia "

Lisa Sordilla

Lisa Sordilla, SHRM-CP

Vice President of Human Resources, Energage

" Kelly and I met in 2014 when she was nominated for HR Consultant of the Year and it was immediately apparent why others think so highly of her, not just for her work. Kelly is committed to excellence and is a well- rounded strategic leader. She passionately gives her time and talent to the community and is a great connector of people. As a client of Kelly’s, I was very impressed with the level of excellence that she provided and required of her team. I am grateful to have met and worked with Kelly and even more grateful to be able to keep her in my circle of influence because I always learn something new from her.

Lisa Sordilla "

Peggy Crane

Peggy Crane

Senior Management of Enrichment, Holland America

" I had the unique pleasure of working for Kelly as an employee and working with her as a client in need of recruiting services. Leaders like Kelly are rare. She is a constant force of compassion and passion for her team and clients. She has raw moxie, endless energy, and always gives one the notion of “we are all in this together”. She believes in developing strategies with her team, not for her team, as she inherently knows the value of building a strong team culture, client engagement, or as a mentor/community leader.

Personally, as an employee, Kelly pushed me to be my best and expected excellence. In doing so, she motivated me to grow professionally. Where I am today, I owe a great deal to her.

Peggy Crane "

Steve Bivens

Steve Bivens

Customer Success Manager at proquo ai

" Kelly is a true client-centric recruitment professional. Her caring, empathy, and drive continue to separate her recruitment experience above the rest. Kelly’s transparency throughout the entire hiring process enables an immediate trust, and her continuous commitment in going way above and beyond as a partner and a teacher to her clients is truly an unparalleled experience.

Working with Kelly was a deep breath of fresh air, especially in the high-pressure times of interviewing, and it was by far the best recruitment experience I’ve gone through. Anyone lucky enough to work with Kelly understands this privilege, and anyone who hasn’t should highly consider reaching out to her.

Steve Bivens "