What We Do

Panna Knows believes strongly that a well-defined recruiting process is critical to building cost efficiencies which leads to creating an efficient model. A model that easily predicts a recruiting budget based on the number of hires and turnover. 

Without a talented and engaged recruitment and leadership team to deliver top talent to the organization, the process doesn’t matter.  People and Process are key to the success of a growing organization!    

Panna Knows LLC can help you with our following service offerings:

1. Next Level Recruiting ™ Program (NLR) Development and Training

  • Optimizing recruitment by building structure and strategy for talent acquisition teams

2. Coaching for Talent Acquisition Professionals at all levels

  • Driving engagement and productivity through support, expertise, and goal building

3. Recruitment and Talent Attraction

  • Dedicated recruitment with guaranteed deliverables and no monthly fees

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